Terres broyées

Grinding clays







Lame de pierre

Stone blade



La lueur de la lampe m'offre alors toute la palette des tons de la Terre. Mais je devine autre chose,encore plus profond. Si bien caché qu'il faut continuer à descendre. J'y trouverai la matière première de mes oeuvres.En pénétrant le noir absolu, je me rapproche des étoiles.

Au coeur de la roche, la chute des gouttes d'eau devient une symphonie et je cotoie enfin les origines du monde.


The light of my lamp offers me all the shades and colors of the earth. But I have the impression that there is something more,, so well hidden that I have to keep going, deeper and deeper. There I will find the amazing raw material for my work.

Penetrating the absolute darkness, I come closer to the stars. At the heart of the earth, the falling water becomes a symphony of sounds and at last, I see the beginning of the world.


"Lame de pierre" or "Blade of stone" in English, is a French play on words:

" Lame" (pronounced like "lamb") is the French word for "blade" but "l'âme", which is pronounced in exactly the same way, means "the soul". "Pierre" is the French word for "stone" and is also my first name.

I hope you enjoy this website and that I have been able to show a part of my soul in it. If you have any comments or questions about my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Pierre Chavy

Peintures et sculptures

...Words by English translator, John Pickford:

I have tried to do justice to the beautiful French phrases and poetry of Pierre but can only encourage you to learn French in order to fully appreciate their true splendor. Until that time, please accept the efforts of someone far less talented.